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Breakthorugh Education Strategies
Breakthrough Education Strategies
The Behavioral Model
Research reveals that the ability of students to self-regulate is more related to school achievement than IQ. Moreover, inappropriate behavior in the classroom is a distraction to teachers as well as other students. These factors inspire the Breakthrough Educational Strategies focus on student behavior as a measure of success and a subject worthy of study and reflection. Through a 5-step behavioral process designed to develop individual self-assessment, it provides an efficient means to effectively address poor choices and hold students accountable while keeping the remainder of the class on task. Most importantly, each step presents students an opportunity to reflect, plan for change, and get back to work with a fresh start. The process entails:

The process entails:
  • Check Yourself
  • Mediation
  • Dialogue Center
  • Isolation
  • Exclusion
Climate also plays a significant role in the dynamics of a classroom. Relationships consciously established and carefully maintained have a direct positive impact on moment to moment behaviors. By creating a caring environment built on mutual trust, honesty, and respect, positive human relations are nurtured and negative behaviors mitigated. The Breakthrough Team embraces, models and coaches strategies that build safe learning environments and strong relationships that foster exceptional student performance and achievement.