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Breakthrough Education Strategies
The Breakthrough School
The Breakthrough School is a powerful educational model that produces comprehensive change from the inside out. A unified program that can be implemented in all classrooms and across all subject areas in middle and high schools, it structures school learning environments and culture for optimum success. This transformation creates adult collaboration focused on enhanced student performance, academic attainment and personal fulfillment, and supports the acquisition of essential skills necessary for high achievement in state and national assessments and in preparation for 21st century careers.

Implementation of The Breakthrough School is based on three essential school redesign processes: Based on the concept of interdependence, all three of these components must be implemented concurrently. Together they form a success synergy, which leads to a more peaceful climate conducive to knowledge work.

     We Transform:
  • Classrooms through intentional design and the integration of technology
  • Behavior through a school-wide intervention process leading to better student focus and time-on-task
  • Instruction through establishing processes that build 21st century skills
  • Teacher-student relationships through individual and group processes
  • Adult organizational relationships through constant whole-staff self evaluation and learning
     Outcomes of a Breakthrough School:
  • School becomes a focused, productive workplace
  • A confident and engaged staff collaborates and becomes problem-solvers
  • Support staff is seamlessly integrated
  • Teachers become revitalized instructional leaders
  • Challenged students perform and grow
  • All students empowered with 21st century skills
  • Student work demonstrates application of knowledge
  • Inspired administrators focus on the big picture
  • Flexible leadership and attention to detail become school-wide commitments
  • A whole-school problem solving process helps resolve daily challenges