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Breakthorugh Education Strategies
Breakthrough Education Strategies

The Breakthrough School:

Transform your middle or high school through implementation of our school reinvention model. This is a multi-year process resulting in district ownership of your program. We collaborate in planning strategies, train staff, provide extensive on-site support to implement and execute the model, coach leadership and staff, provide program assessment reports as well as data collection tools, and more.

Behavioral Redesign:
With renewed attention to the cycle of discipline decreasing student seat time as well as state laws now beginning to regulate suspensions, many school leaders are beginning to reassess established behavioral processes. We place experience and innovation behind the complex dynamics of discipline to create a custom Behavioral Redesign that is built around each school’s unique circumstances, needs and goals.

Personal Coaching:
Take the opportunity to benefit from the experience behind our Leadership Team through Personal Coaching. Customized to meet the needs and challenges of today’s school leaders, our coaches identify behaviors limiting success and work together to grow skills that will increase performance and optimize potential.

The passion with which our speakers engage and inspire diverse audiences around the country with spirit and candor is refreshing. With personal style and insight reflective of their unique personalities and experiences, John Tarnuzzer, Mike Suntag and Ulysses Garcia each deliver messages of impact that open minds and challenge common thinking. Sample topics include:
  • Whole School Organizational Practices To Support Learning
  • Positive Behavioral Strategies
  • Instructional practices for the 21st Century
  • Untapped Potential: Engaging At-Promise Youth
  • Closing The Achievement Gap
Consider spending a day with your staff to build community, reflect on today’s changing world, and collaborate on processes to more effectively meet the needs of staff and students. With an abundance of experience and acuity, our presenters offer resounding insight on education in the face of a global economy. Established topics include: Educating For The 21st Century; Positive Discipline – How & Why; and Organizing For Success. Custom presentations are available on request.