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Breakthrough Education Strategies
Success Stories - Make The Grade School

Where they were:
Bridgeport Public Schools needed a solution for a significant number of over-age under-credited middle school students.

Why they came to us:
They wanted to create an “Opportunity School” that helped kids recover credit and successfully transition to high school.

Where they are now:
Make The Grade School is helping kids make behavioral choices that allow them to be more successful, while equipping them with 21st century skills that improve academic achievement. Instead of losing this important segment of the student population, they are advancing their education better prepared for high school and beyond.
"Over time students have demonstrated modified behaviors by regularly attending school, completing work that meets acceptable rubric standards, increased participation in community dialogue time, and most importantly are moving on to other learning “Opportunities” in more traditional settings."

Doug Hiscox
Assistant Superintendent,
Bridgeport Public Schools

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