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Success Stories - Mountain View Academy

Where they were:
Mountain View Academy was an alternative education program with traditional school practices and a multitude of challenges. It served 7th, 8th and 9th grade under-achieving, credit-deficient and behaviorally challenged students from the greater Albany area.

Why they came to us:
Questar III sought a systemic solution to eliminate behaviors that interfered with learning while academically engaging students in a unique way.

Where they are now:
MVA has evolved into a new school. Continuing to serve the same student population, the turnaround they achieved in one year has been so dramatic that they have become a model alternative program in the greater Albany area.
"The school year 2006-07 was a disaster for our Middle School Alternative Education Program. Student behavior was out of control. There was minimal learning. Staff was demoralized. As a result of our partnership with Breakthrough Education Strategies our school has evolved to a school with a well behaved atmosphere. The students and faculty are working together with respect for each other and the educational process. Our behavior data supports the improvement in the school atmosphere. Students have actually complained when school has been closed."

Dave Leavitt
Director Of Career, Technical, and
Alternative Education, Questar III