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Breakthrough Education Strategies
Success Stories - Bridgeport Public Schools @Night Program

Where they were:
Bridgeport Public Schools wanted to engage “At-Promise” students that were behaviorally and academically in danger of dropping out.

Why they came to us:
They wanted to develop a creative solution that helped keep kids in school and progressing through to graduation.

Where they are now:
Piloted at Harding High School, the @Night program was expanded to Bassick High School and operates late afternoon through the evening at both school locations. Kids with chronic absenteeism, volatile behaviors and poor academic performance are now in school, on task and completing work. Serving a population that at one time many described as hopeless, the @Night Programs promotes or graduates most of their students.
"By enabling students to take responsibility for their learning through a program of modeling, reflection, cooperative work, and the development of metacognitive skills, the Breakthrough Education Strategies model helped us to reach a large group of students whom the traditional classroom model had failed. Students who traditionally “fell through the cracks” were engaged in learning, developed attainable goals for the future, and discovered a newfound motivation to succeed. Students who could be predicted with a high degree of reliability to drop out of school did not. We attribute this success to the BES model, entirely."

Pete Ziegler, Teacher
Bassick High School, Bridgeport Public Schools

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